EDITORIAL. (extract from Eshtonian No 1 1956)

With the object of keeping evergreen the memory of "The best days of our lives" we present this magazine, so that our activities may be put on record, and "When we are old and grey and full of sleep and nodding by the fire," we may take down this magazine and imagine ourselves to be once more the great soldiers, the fine sportsmen, the clever cricketers. light of foot and good in wind and limb and eyesight as we once were.

We certainly trust it will be of some little interest to others beside ourselves, if it only serves to let them know that we really are alive.
As members of the school have written on practically all aspects of our activities it will not be necessary for me to enter into these in further detail. I would just like to say however, how grateful I am for the very happy atmosphere which prevails in the school. Whilst we work hard we have many compensations, an excellent headmaster and a good, strong, conscientious staff. "To them all our duties and the pledge."

We would like to welcome our visitors whether ex schoolboys, teachers or others who have stumbled over us whilst "surfing" through the internet.

Here we will be writing about the origins of Eshton Hall back from the 17th century when the house was owned by the Wilson family. Tell about the ghost of Fairfax that supposedly haunted the building, where the school was located, with a small map of the area,  how Eshton became a boarding school,  and eventually became an old aged peoples home. We will also tell a little about Flasby, the junior school of Eshton, and our education and trials & tribulations at both Eshton & Flasby.