Believe it or not . . .


One boy handed in his shorts for repair of the pocket linings. In the pockets were discovered the following articles :
Left-hand pocket: Piece of toffee, purse, two handkerchiefs, fixture card, film. small orange-squash bottle, space-man, 13 spare bits of paper, one penny, 15 aniseed balls, a letter, another piece of paper, another piece of toffee.
Right-hand pocket: Comb, penknife (broken), two fruit gums, yet another piece of toffee, another space-man, plastic disc, two more handkerchiefs, a bandage, a horses tooth, one and a half refreshers, a rubber band, some foreign stamps, three mgre letters 21 pieces of paper, a piece of cotton-wool.

When we sent our first case to the Sanitorium one of our bright boys (an Old Eshtonian) told his mother that his companion had gone to the Crematorium.