Films . . .

1956 Films shown during the school year: "The Ascent of Everest," "Scott of the Antartic," "The Cruel Sea," "The way to the Stars," "In Which We Serve," "A Queen is Crowned," "Henry V," "The Malta Story," and, of course the Headmaster's films showing various activities of the school.


1957 Films shown at the school included: "Where no Vultures Fly," "The Wooden Horse," "The Colditz Story," "The Kidnappers," "Tom Brown's School-Days."
1958 Films shown at the school include: "Reach for the Sky," "Les Vacances de M. Hulot," "Battle of the River Plate," "The Blue Lamp," "Doctor at Sea," " The Living Desert," " Richard III."
1959 In all, twelve films were shown and they ranged from the older classics such as "Lost Horizon" and "Mr.Deeds goes to town" to such comparatively new war films as "Yangtze Incident" and "Cockleshell Heroes." Also shown was the superb Swedish film "The Great Adventure" which has won several prizes at international festivals, and a film showing what could happen in a boarding school, "The Happiest Days of your Life." Other films shown were " Encore," "Ill Met by Moonlight," "The Admirable Crichton," "African Queen," "High Flight" and "Father Brown"
1960 Films shown during the Autumn and Spring terms have been: "A Night to Rememeber," "Carve Her Name with Pride," "Race for Life," "The Vanishing Prairie," "Sea of Sand," "Treasure Island," "Trouble in Store," "Great Expectations," "Where the River Bends," and "The Blue Peter".
1961 Films shown during the year included: "Left, Right and Centre"; "Davy Crocket"; "Jet Storm"; "Goodbye, Mr. Chips"; "The Young Mr. Pitt"; "Christopher Columbus"; "Operation Amsterdam"; "The 39 Steps"; and "Battle in Space." "The Admirable Crichton"; "The Caine Mutiny"; "Serengeti Shall Not Die"; "Further Up The Creek".
1962 Films shown during the year included: "The Cruel Sea," Walt Disney's "The Lady and the Tramp," "The Night My Number Came Up," "Road Safety Films," "Brothers-in-law," "Bambi," " Carlton Browne of the F.O.," "Seven Ways from Sundown," " Cone of Silence," "League of Gentlemen."
1963 The following films were shown during the year: "The malta Story," "The One that Got Away," " The Conquest of Everest," "Blitz on Britain," " Kind Hearts and Coronets," " Carve her Name with Pride," "Morning Departure," " Tom Brown's Schooldays," "Geneveive," "Doctor at Large".
1964 The films shown during the Autumn term 1963, and the Spring term 1964 were: " Cockleshell Heroes," "Guns of Navarone," "Bridge over the River Kwai," " H.M.S. Defiant," " Images of Luangua," "Brothers-in-Arms," "Serengeti Shall Not Die," "Westward Ho!," " Harald Lloyd's World of Comedy," "Admirable Crichton," "Bring Forth Every Living Thing," "Two Rode Together," "Novelty Shop," "Mysterious Island," "Pescadoras," "North west frontier," "Above Us the Waves," "Ill met by Moonlight," " Reach for the Sky," "Richard III," "Treasure Island," " A Night to Remember," "Carve Her name with Pride."
1965 The films shown during the Autumn term 1964, and the Spring term 1965 were: "Magnificent Seven," "Alias Jesse James," "The Devil's Disciple," "Peri," "Run Silent, Run Deep," "Hound of the Baskervilles," "Opertion Amsterdam," "Genevieve," "Appointment with Venus," "Rob Roy," "A Night to Rememer," " The Night My Number Came Up," "The One That Got Away." " Morning Departure," "2,000 Leagues Under The Sea," "Yangtze Incident," "The Lady Killers," "Great Expectations," "Oh! Mr. Porter," "Captain Horatio Hornblower." "Angels 15," "Campbell's Kingdom," "Rio Brave," " Hercules Unchained".

Other films we were made to endure over and over again, not listed in Eshtonians:

Bambi, Guns of Navarone, The sherrif of fractured jaw, Henry V, Two way stretch, Sea of sands, Titanic, Foxhole in Cairo, Odette, The Dambusters, Sink The Bismark, Ice Cold in Alex, Henry V, Two way stretch, Storm over The Nile, The Great Escape