First Year . . .


My first year has been happy, somewhat eventful but by no means boring. First impressions are said to be important. I recall being driven with my grandparents up to what appeared to be a large building, of formidable aspect. My dormitory, which seemed to hide itself in a maze of corridors, was shown to me by the Headmaster. 1 arrived in the Summer term, one not blessed with good weather. Cricket prospered, though I must confess not through my efforts. In mid-June the new Chapel was consecrated by Dr. Coggan, then Bishop of Bradford, now Archbishop of York. Not much else sticks in my mind. We were spared a day of term owing to a lack of fathers willing to participate in a match. On a Saturday we all trooped down to Gargrave Village Hall for Speech Day and Prizegiving.

The summer holiday over, we returned for another term. Many changes had occurred-old faces had gone; new ones were seen. Autumn is chiefly a rugger term, with a spell of cross-country running as a sideline. 1 find the Winter term less interesting than the Summer, although we were entertained by various films and lectures, which were all most enjoyable.

A short half-term sped by. At the end of term, as is customary, we had the School Christmas Dinner. At tea we were each provided with a cracker, which at once produced a festive atmosphere. The next day we saw "The Winslow Boy." The presentation was good; the acting and settings were excellent. I went away with the impression that I had seen a professional play, not an amateur production.Spring Term began with panic; the smallpox scare.
The very first day we were inoculated and thus unable to play Rugger for a fortnight. Instead we went Cross Country Running, under the supervision of Mr. Price, the new P.E. Master

On the whole the Spring Term was rather hum-drum, though towards the end one or two extremely good films were shown. We finished with the School Concert, which was most amusing and well appreciated. It was an evening well spent.

So my first year at Eshton ended. I have learned a lot, on the Sports Field and in the Classroom. Here's hoping that next year will be as happy!