Strensall . . .


At 2.0p.m. on March 14th, the cadets assembled outside the School. Barely five minutes had passed when the n-dni-bus from Strensall pulled up outside the School. However, just as it pulled up, the weather broke, and it began to rain rather heavily, so we started off for our weekend at Strensall in the rain.
From Eshton to the camp it is about 44 miles, and the journey took us about two hours. We arrived at the camp at about 4 p.m.On arrival we were taken to our billets where we collected our bedding and made our beds. This only took us a few minutes, but we had to wait for the other parties of boys, one being a party of Scouts, and the other a party from a Youth Group.

Lieutenant Pugh (our organiser for the weekend) took us to tea at 5.0 p.m. After this meal we were conducted to the cinema and told our programme for the weekend.

The first item was to be taken round the "Weapon Circus' The weapons on display included the sub-machine gun, the selfloading rifle, the Bren, the mortar and the rocket launcher. We were given instructions on how to strip the weapons down, and were told the names of various parts of them. After this we were due to go on a night operation, but this had to be cancelled due to the bad weather. Instead we went to the gymnasium, where we were instructed on the trampoline. This was great fun, and on coming off our legs felt just like rubber. After the trampoline, a regular soldier taught us the basic steps of judo. To demonstrate these, he picked upon one of our number to assist him. Following the judo lesson we were taken to an indoor range, and there we fired the .22 rifle. This ended the practical instructions, and a mini-bus took us back to the cinema. The lieutenant showed us two films, the first called "Incident at Kairundi," and the second "Morning on Mount Kenya." After a short lecture, we had supper, and went to bed at about eleven.

On Sunday morning we got up at 7.0 a.m. Much to our disgust we discovered that it had been snowing. We handed in our bedding, and after breakfast we began our morning programme. Because of the snow, the outdoor assault course was impossible, so the gymnastic instructor made us an indoor course. We were then escorted to the parade square, and were given driving instruction. The instructors on the jeeps were excellent. From here we went to the outdoor range and fired the sub-machine guns and self-loading rifles; a very noisy business. This is where the weekend programme came to an end, and after lunch we left Strensall for Eshton. We all agreed that it was a very enjoyable weekend.