ACF  -  Army Cadet Force

Every tuesday afternoon and under the command of Colonel Dadson, a retired Ex Colonel from the British Army, we paraded in front of the school building for inspection. Our regiment The Duke of Wellingtons consisted of approx 40 men from the age of 13 to 17. We were as proud as any other regiment in the professional  army  and our presentation was  to the satisfaction of the Colonel Here's a couple of stories about the ACF from Howard Aspinall. . .

There was some kind of church parade in Gargrave. We practised for ages on the Terrace. On the day, we had to march through Gargrave, with the locals looking at us like idiots. I can't actually remember whether we marched all the way down to the village or if we were bused down.

On another instance we went out for an ACF exercise on the moors near Barden Towers. Weather was wet and misty. We were split into two groups, (we defended and the other group were attacking) and had to camp out overnight in some nasty little one man tent things. In the early hours an NCO got us up and said we had to ambush the attacking side at a particular map reference. Half asleep, damp, cold and hungry we groped along single file behind a dry stone wall. Voices could be heard, and we we instructed on command to challenge the approaching people with rifles at the ready. On the command we stood up, and shouted something (dunno what) whilst pointing our rifles at them. We could now see the other people, as it was getting light and they were only a few yards away. Unfortunately, they weren't the opposing side at all, but a terrified band of night walkers. Looking back now, it was quite funny.