ACF  -  Army Cadet Force

On another rather grim instance Col Dadson got some top brass to come and inspect the unit. We drilled and drilled and drilled on the terrace. He'd borrowed a public address system and connected this to Mr Conroy's record player to give us some canned military music to march to. It was blazing hot summer weather and we had to stand to attention for what seemed like hours. I felt faint but managed to keep standing. A couple of guys actually collapsed on to the tarmac with a crash. Not very nice. Actually, on the big day a military band appeared, but I can't remember just what it was all about. It all seemed rather pointless.. . . and a couple of stories about the ACF from Malcolm Blackburn.
I remember that sometime in the early 50's we marched to Skipton and back!
Not sure why but I remember that it was dark on the way back to Eshton and someone at the back carried a red lamp.
Also in 1953 or 54 we went to a big Cadet Camp at Fylingdales Moor near Scarborough for a week. I recall we went by train via Leeds and York. We fired Brenguns and I was sure my shoulder was put out. One day we had to do kitchen duties and we sat around this huge tub peeling potatoes and smoking cigarettes. Fortunately the habit didn't catch on.
By coincidence my brother was there the same week with a contingent from Batley Grammer School. He threatened to tell our parents about my smoking. I guess that did it. He is now Professor of Chemistry at Sheffield University. When I went into the R.A.F. to do National Service I got to do one week less of Recruit Training (Square Bashing!) as a credit for my time in the Cadets.