I can't live with myself any longer.

I need to own up for one of the misdemeanours I did at Eshton

David Mico
Central Heating.
I remember one time screwing up the thermostat on the boiler outside the classroom in the Lodge causing boiling water to splash all over and into the classroom. I never owned up to it and all the school had to get up early and do the Bellbusk run. - Sorry Guys

Peter Coltart
I ripped him off!
I think it was Stansfield (Flasby). I swapped a piece of Kendal Mint Cake about 1 inch square for a superb magnifying glass, tortoiseshell framed with a leather case. I knew he was desperate! I didn't care

.Philip Marshall
Bra & Panties!
It was me who dressed the bronze statue on the main staircase in a bra & panties set. To avoid punishment I did it on the last day of term. - For your reference - they were not mine!!

Keith Baker
Conroy's Room
When I had my own room at the Lodge it was next door to Mr Conroy's room, both rooms shared the same basin waste pipe that promptly froze when the temperature dropped below freezing. Mr Conroy if you ever read this, it wasn't bits of orange down the drain and coming up in your sink but strands of tobaco, Senior Service if Jeff Smith and I had anything to do with it!