David Mico
I tricked him!
Sorry "Brush" for tricking you into cleaning my shoes for a couple of weeks, you didn't really owe me any money, but you had so many other debts that you couldn't be sure who owed you what.

Keith Baker
Smoke Chimney's
Carrying on in the same theme,the boiler room next to the class room at the lodge was a good place to have a crafty fag until Pop Regal,who had the flat above, nearly caught Jeff and I, as the cig. smoke was coming up between the floorboards of his hall, managed to blame it on old Jack, who had a permanent roll -up jammed between his lips, can't win! mind you haven't smoked for twenty odd years now.

Keith Baker
British Rail
We had rather nice carpet in our study, courtesy BR 1st class compartment Thames Clyde Express, the only trouble was that on study inspections by the 'Boss' we had to take it in turns standing with one foot behind the other to cover the BR logo, must have looked bloody odd to the 'Boss'!

Robin Birkbeck
Weather Cock
Flasby is still close to my heart as I pinched the weather cock off the tower before they pulled it down. It is now flying over the Highlands of Scotland.