Keith Burkinshaw
When I was A Senior Prefect (I may even have been Head Boy) I was in a study just down the end of the corridor from Dan Goldsworthy's room. As far as I can remember Chris Wynne, Jona Swales & AN Other were study mates.

On Thursdays Chris Wynne used to go to Bradford to Biology class at a college there. As well as taking some money from us all in the study to give to my Dad (who had a Fish Restaurant in Bradford) to put on the Football Pools for us, Chris used to buy a pack of Geordie Home Brew Bitter Beer! Before he got back from Bfd the rest of us had already purloined a large aluminium pot from the kitchen (of course promising beer to the cook) and had the required amount of water heating up on the old one ringed electric "cooker".
On his return & with the water boiling the "Master Brewers" got to work!! This took quite a while as you can imagine. However we did not flinch & managed to finish the "Brew" sometimes BEFORE midnight!! Before we could pour the beer into the one gallon bottles we had to filter the beer from the hops etc. (in those days you actually got the hops loose, not like today where it's all liquid)
How, you may ask, did we filter the beer??!! Well Thursday was laundry back to the dorms day, so we used to go round in the afternoon and "borrow" loads of clean handkerchiefs (not always from the same dorms, we weren't Seniors for nothing you know) these then acted as our filters!! We'd rinse the hankies out and put them back, a little wet and smelling of beer, but who cared!!
The jars would then be put in the attic above our study, there was a trapdoor in the ceiling, and there it would stay until ready to drink!! We had several on the go, at different stages, so we always had a good supply of drink.

Apologies to those inmates whose hankies we used!!

PS We NEVER used Kirk's hankies for reasons all Eshtonians will all understand!!