David Mico
I was one of many at Flasby who were jealous of Mr. Streeting's dog, Sprigg who often received better food than we received. We tricked him under the table at meal times and fed him salt sandwiches. When he became really thirsty and started foaming at the mouth, we let him out where he ran frantically around the dining room looking for his water bowl.

Bob Holt
We were once taught about Fulcrums in a lesson. Immediately after, we decided to it would be a good idea to put what we'd learnt into practice and set about moving a giant stone wheel from the back of Eshton Lodge. We sent it rolling towards the Beck and managed to destroy a large amount of newly planted trees. As a aresult, the whole school got punished. Sorry guys but I admit that I was one of the guilty ones.

Questions still unanswered.
Who put marmite on the telephone handset at Hetton?
Who did "The roasting" up in the studies after the film Tom Brown's Schooldays? and who was roasted??
Who else drank the communion wine up in the Chapel and watered it down afterwards??
Who else took money out of the collection tray in Chapel?? The headmasters half a crown disappeared before it got to the end.
Who put stinkbombs under the toilet seat in the staff toilets??
Who took the ladder away from the kitchen maids window, resulting in Jimmy Saville finding a boy on the grass as 6.00am with a broken leg ?
Who tied a jumping jack firework to Spriggs tail and who lit it ?